Monday 2 July 2012

27/06/12 more weeding

Because we ran out of time on Monday, but we'd seen a real eyesore near the bus terminus, Linda arranged an evening session to clear the raised bed near Beeston Primary School [well it's some primary school in Beeston anyway].

These were some of the bags of weeds and rubbish from Monday afternoon

and this is on Wednesday evening [it was quite warm even at 8pm when we finished] when we had collected 4 more bags of weeds and filled 2 brown wheelie bins [one was Susan's that she brought with her and the other was 'volunteered' by a passing member of the public desperate not to be press ganged into helping us and wishing he'd never made a comment on what we were doing in the first place]. When I got home with my share of the rubbish I discovered that I'd also relocated some ants [there were loads on the wall] in the boot of my car.

I hope the judges appreciate all this effort but the sad thing about removing weeds is that unless you saw the before picture you can't realise how much of an improvement has been made. I must take more before pictures!



  1. Was Linda as weary as she looks? Or is she hiding a grin?

    1. She was tired but mostly she didn't want her photo taking when she felt so dishevelled. Sara x