Saturday 14 July 2012

11/07/12 - Bowling Green Border

The retired ladies have been busy planting up the Bowling Green Border with grasses that were rescued from the Cardinal Triangle last year. We have tried several different options in this border, planting wildflower seeds was the last one, but nothing ever worked properly because it got trampled by passing children and animals [presumably].

This is the before picture [Linda is better at remembering to take these than me]. The border had been treated with weed killer twice by the Parks Department for us.

These are the new plants all ready to be planted.

Edna and Vivienne in the process of planting them with Linda having a break to take the photo in a rare bit of British sunshine - at least the plants will be well watered in, the way things are going.



  1. Smashing - Leeds University have done no better with their wildflower patch than we have. Have you seen Miggy Park's 'wild' flower ribbon. I'm not sure that is going to be any more successful.

    1. I think wildflowers work better in large areas like Holbecks meadow so bare patches are less noticable, although I think Linda was thinking of trying wildflower seeds in the planter near her. Not sure if she did plant them or not. I put poppy seeds round the war graves in Hunslet Cemetery and forget-me-not seeds round the bases of the trees opposite the Whistlestop Pub but I don't think they worked either. Sara