Saturday 14 July 2012

14/07/12 Beeston Hill Planters

I had to drop a letter in the post box on my way to Sainsburys [other supermarkets are available] this morning so I grabbed the opportunity to take some photos of the planters nearest the post box.

This planter is full of heucheras and pansies and looks delicious.

This is the planter outside the bakery - very colourful.

The wildflower planters are a bit windblown [in opposite directions!] - they could have done with something shorter round the edges - but still interesting.

And finally, I was too lazy to walk over the road so these are the Sunnyview planters from a distance. They could maybe do with a bit more height in them next year - but it is difficult to know what to plant as we can't have too much height in them, or we risk reducing the visibility splay, and also things like cordylines tend to 'walk' - but they are very colourful and add interest to an otherwise boring space.


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