Sunday 29 July 2012

28/07/12 - Working Party

As there were very few of us available for last weeks scheduled working party it was postponed until this week.

Linda, Christine and Angela were manning [womanning ?] stalls at the Holbeck Gala. I visited with two of my grandchildren and took this photo of Linda on Holbeck in Bloom's plant stall [because the members of Holbeck in Bloom were also on the Holbeck Gala committee].

The kids had a whale of a time on the bouncy castle, slide and donkeys. They also got to do t-shirt painting and, as Isla put it 'watch the soldiers making music' [Scottish Pipe Band].

This week the people who could make it assembled at the Millenium Garden [I was late having stayed up late to watch the opening ceremony of the olympics and then I slept in!]. We did a bit of pruning and lots of weeding. There were at least 3 barrow loads of bindweed pulled out and some grasses, that had gone mad, removed so that the plants underneath had a better chance. As I arrived Linda was grappling with a grass that was bigger than she was.

This was during our tea break. As you can see we were a select few. Angel came with Judith but had wandered out of shot.

We have a meeting at the Watsonia on Monday 6th August - which will be our first for quite a while as the last few were turned into working parties or were on summer judging day.

Sara x

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  1. Well done with the reminder for Monday! I had forgotten.