Monday 25 June 2012

25/06/12 Olympic Torch

We decided to take our Beeston in Bloom banner to part of the torch route and see what photos we could get. Angela managed to find out where the handover on Beeston Hill was going to be and we managed to get a photo with Paul Smith [from Doncaster] before his torch was lit

there was a good turn out and a brass band playing at Sunnyview Manor - the atmosphere was really good but unfortunately it was all over for us by 9am. We took a few more pictures with our banner

this would have been really good if I had noticed that Susan was standing in front of the B on the raised bed - I still quite like it though.

After breakfast at St Mary's we went to look at the new troughs at Tommy Wass crossroads. They had suffered in the high winds at the weekend but we have our fingers crossed that they will perk up a bit if we get some more decent weather.

The we collected the planter Linda had been storing for almost a year and took it along with soil and plants and positioned it outside the vets on Dewsbury Road. We were really please with the way it turned out.

We did a lot of weeding as well [4 big bin bags of weeds and rubbish] - judging is next Monday and there are a lot of jobs to do in very little time.


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