Monday 18 June 2012

16/06/12 Working Party

I did attend a working party on 11/06/12 honest [but I either didn't take any photos or they are on my other camera] however I managed to be unavailable for this one [again - bad bloomer].

I did manage to collect Linda and the plants and deliver them to the cardinal triangle bed for planting before I dashed off. There were loads of them and I had a boot full, some on the back seat and Linda had a couple on her knee. I don't know how long it took them to plant everything! [This photo is the right way round in my photo manager, Don't know why blogger has decided to put it sideways - however on a more positive note a few tweaks to the settings have allowed me to put paragraphs in].

The bed was looking lush, there were some beautiful foxgloves [that neither of us remembered being planted] and the grasses looked great.

And at this end of the bed the bushes that looked half dead earlier in the year had revived nicely. There was also quite a lot of space for more planting - I was getting worried that a lot of the plants would have to be carted home again before I walked up this end. It's a good job Susan, Edna and David were coming to help put them in.


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  1. On my photo downloader it has a 'rotate the image' choice that means pictures don't end up sideways on the blog.
    The foxgloves do look great. Are they where the aliums were last year and did they come back?