Monday 18 June 2012

09/06/12 Beeston Festival

I was AWOL again [it's getting to be a bad habit] for Beeston Festival so Linda has once again obliged with some photos she took. Although the weather was mixed [showery and windy but not torrential rain] the stall looks very cheerful and Vivienne and Edna look happy. They took over £200 but there will be the cost of the stall and the plants to be deducted from that. Our local MP, Hilary Benn stopped by to say hello. Angela and Christine were on different stalls. And this is the recycled greenhouse made from empty pop bottles. They did try to build one last year but the ground was so hard that they had trouble getting the wooden supports in the ground. It looks like the ground was softer this year as they managed to finish it. Sara [I've put lots of returns and spaces in but blogger seems to want to bunch everything up - it's very annoying]

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