Thursday 31 May 2012

Catch Up

As I've been on my hols [and managed to miss lots of working parties and meetings] Linda has sent me some photo's of what I've missed.
Linda and Angela accepting a nice cheque from Aviva.
Susan, Edna, Vivienne getting stuck into some weeding at the Cardinal Triangle. Everything was growing nicely in the mini heatwave - unfortunately the weeds were doing best of all.
David working hard to get something out of the Millenium Border.
And the results of his labours. And finally some more photos of our trip to Redhall before I went on hol.
Vivienne appears to be put out about something - Linda thinks it might have been the price of the sandwiches.
And a couple of photos in which I appear [I do prefer to be the one taking the photos]
With my trolley before I started shopping - just containing the hanging baskets Linda and I had planted up. Mine is coming on a treat, but I think I overstuffed it, there are 12 plants in it and it's not a large basket. Sara

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