Friday 4 May 2012

28/03/12 Trip to Redhall

A few of us had a trip on Saturday to Leeds City Council's Redhall Nursery for their latest open day. They mainly grow plants for their own displays and also the hanging baskets and bedding plants ordered by local in bloom groups - however they have to plant 10% extra to allow for poor germination etc so they usually have some excess plants to sell. This year we were slightly too early for the trays of petunias etc but I still managed to buy a few plants - even though I didn't intend to. Linda was more restrained.
There were a few more in my trolley by the time I went to pay. The hanging baskets were a bargain at £5, you planted your own and could put as many plants as you wanted in it. I wish I'd done two but that didn't occur to me until after I got home.
After the planting demonstration and shopping we stopped for refreshments at the cafe. The plant sale on Saturday 05/05/12 is at the Lodge Lane Planter at 10am.. Sara

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