Sunday 1 April 2012

Another Working Party 31/03/12

We went to do more weeding in the Millenium Garden, and they had kept some weeds for me - however as I'm not good at identifying seedlings I only took out dandelions and stickyweed [I know what they look like]. I got told off for leaving all the sycamore seedlings [they could have been something really interesting - couldn't they?] and was banished to do some watering where theoretically I couldn't get it wrong.

Edna and Linda [who had wandered off with a wheelbarrow full of weeds and trimmings when the photo was taken] were sorting out the Yew Border.

Vivienne and Susan were weeding the Raised Beds.

There are four beds and they are colour themed. At the moment the yellow beds has daffodils, the white bed has tulips, there are dogwoods and and a red robin in the red bed and some muscari flowering in the blue bed.

And Christine and David had gone to weed the Herbs and Dragonfly Beds at the top of the park. I didn't get a photo of them there but I did take a new group photo for the blog - however Edna had gone so I'm going to have to try again.

We have one more working party on Monday, which replaces our regulary meeting and then it's Judgement Day.

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