Monday 2 April 2012

Working Party 02/04/12

Instead of our usual meeting we had yet another working party - because spring judging day is tomorrow!

We met at the Millenium Garden to do a final bit of weeding and tidying. A few bare patches got planted up. We had to leave it until the last minute as we sometimes have a problem with plants being removed or trampled by kids and dogs.

Somewhere in the shrubbery Vivienne is wielding her secateurs - be afraid, be very afraid. There are apparently lots of things that need cutting back but they are going to have to wait until after the judges have been or we won't have a lot to show them.

Angela and Christine having a tea break and discussing the plan for tomorrows judging. We [well mostly Linda] had a problem this year as the Watsonia was already booked for the judging date we were given. Instead of having lunch, the presentation and the round up in the same place, we are in three different locations, which means we have to be more co-ordinated. Synchronise watches everyone!

Then, as there was so much to do, we split up. Susan and Vivienne went litter picking, Angela and Christine finished off in the Millenium Garden and I went with Linda, Edna and David to the Cardinal Triangle - where we pulled up three black bags full of weeds [mostly dandelions and I can recognise those].

Hopefully the weather will be better than the forecast. It was supposed to rain all day today but we have only had a few spots so maybe tomorrows snow will not materialise either. Fingers crossed for both the weather and that the judges give us good marks.


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