Friday 30 March 2012

Extra working party 25/03/12

I couldn't make the first extra working party on Saturday, so I missed weeding the Millenium Garden - however apparently they have saved some weeds for me so we have an another extra working party next Saturday.

I did however have time to do some planting and litter picking on Sunday in Beeston Cemetary with Linda and Susan.

It was amazing just how much rubbish had accumulated. A lot of the grave stones have fallen apart and are too heavy for us to do anything about safely. It's quite sad as there are some interesting looking headstones.

The war graves however seem to have been looked after, They are all clean and straight. We intend to sow some poppy seed around them a little later in the year.

We concentrated on adding colour to the planting around the miners memorial today, as well as the litter picking.

As well as Saturday, we have a working party replacing our meeting on Monday night as spring judging is on Tuesday 03/04/12. After the glorious weather we have had this week it's not a brilliant forecast for early next week.


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