Wednesday 22 January 2014

Judging day

As always time sped up and everything was fraught right up to the last minute - not helped by the hot weather that frazzled tempers.

We had done as much as was humanly possible and had to hope it was enough. The judges were very friendly and we had lunch at the Watsonian before they set off round our route [they had judged Holbeck in the morning].

It was so hot in the afternoon the judges seemed to be speed judging. Susan and I had gone out to try and do last minute litter picking ahead of the judges mini-bus and it kept overtaking us. The first time we managed to hide in a hedge but the second time we have nowhere to go and they spotted us - oops.

We won't know for a while what the results are but as we were the last group to be judged hopefully it won't be too long.

And Vivienne found a way to keep a little cooler while we were waiting to serve afternoon tea.


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