Wednesday 22 January 2014

01/06/13 - Working party

Well June came in flaming after all - I hope it continues for Beeston Festival next Saturday.

We had a working party at the Millennium garden to try and get the weeds under control. I think I must have pulled up enough sycamore seedlings to establish a whole forest - every time we go there's another plantation sprung up.

Linda and Susan are discussing how to fill in a few bare patches - I think we're going to need some more ferns and foxgloves - having cleared as much of the paving and daffodils as they could.

Frederick [and David who had left by the time I remembered to take any photos] did a sterling job of getting the weeds out of the bare patches so we could see how much space we had to fill.

And Pauline [and I] cleared weeds from the long borders and raised beds.

We have another working party on Sunday [9am 02/06/13] to clear the planters on Beeston Road.

There is a meeting on Monday night at the Watsonian [5pm 03/06/13].

Then it is Beeston Festival, where we have a stall selling plants, planters and crafts.

And after that we are in full swing trying to get ready for Summer Judging on Friday 19/07/13 with the following working parties already organised - however no doubt more will be added at Mondays meeting:

Monday 10 June - planting RHS veg etc on Beeston Rd - Angela and Adam to be our guest celebrities to witness the event!!

Wednesday 12 June - continue clearing Beeston Rd planters

Saturday 15 June - working party Cardinal Triangle - 10.00am

Sunday 16 June - working party filling Dewsbury Rd planters - 8.30 Tommy Wass

Aren't we going to be busy little bees. I must dash now - I have some cards to make.


Due to technical difficulties [mainly my lack of computer prowess] I'm reverting to using this blog !

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