Saturday 18 August 2012

18/08/12 Barkley Road Planter

Today we had our regular 3rd Saturday of the month working party, this time at the Barkley Road Planter. It was a very warm day and the planter was absolutely full of weeds, fortunately lots of us turned up and many hands make light work [well lighter anyway]. In just two hours we managed a remarkable transformation.

We replaced all the thistles, nettles, dandelions etc with some hebe, hypericum, vinca, conifers and other plants recycled from our gardens [or in my case from my mums garden].

It was Leeds United's first league match of the season and apparently we were parked where some supporters usually park - one of them told us it would be our fault if Leeds lost as we had caused them to have to find another parking space [not totally clear on their logic - however Leeds managed to win one nil against Wolves so clearly it was faulty].


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