Thursday 9 August 2012

06/08/12 Meeting

We had our first meeting in quite a while on Monday night. The June meeting was turned into a working party because summer judging was fast approaching and the July one was actually judgement day.

Apart from everything else we are trying to decide what sort of marker we want to put up to welcome people to Beeston. It's quite complicated as firstly where does Beeston start, there are several main roads through it [separate argument which areas actually qualify as Beeston], do we want a carved stone marker [very posh looking but we haven't really got a spot where it will stand out], a finger post [as it's taller, so more visible above planting but being metal more likely to be a target for metal thieves and also confusing when people might be expecting directions to be on it] or an arch [which was originally an idea for the millenium garden but if it gets put at the cardinal triangle - current favourite place to put any sign - it needs to be double sided so it's legible from both roads coming up from the white rose, and cut out words will only work from the front, and it would also be metal] and the final trauma of making decisions by committee, where everybody seems to understand that you said something different from what you meant. [I've read that lot back several times and it's as clear as mud but after several tweaks it's not getting any better !!!]

Anyway I don't like to do a post without a photo, so here is one of the Lodge Lane Planter taken as I came home from work. After being a bit of a rubbish tip at the beginning of July [I don't think we moved it, but there was a lot of junk including a smashed double glazed window frame there, so somebody did - thank you] it looked really colourful and I've kept meaning to take a photo - and at last I've got 'a round tuit'.


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