Sunday 16 September 2012

15/09/12 Working party

We met for our regular working party at Millenium Garden and did some weeding and pruning. I left the technical pruning to the better gardeners and I concentrated on pulling arms full of bindweed/morning glory out of the far border. There wasn't any point in taking photos of that as you couldn't see any real difference after I had done it. Pauline did a great job with the lavenders but I forgot to take a photo - Linda took some so she might send them to me.

Last night quite a few of us went to Viviennes 80th birthday party. She put on a great do, with good food and music and loads of friendly guests. Here are a few photos I took [although it was not strictly a Beeston in Bloom activity I don't like to do posts without photos].

Her cake was fantastic with a representation of Beeston in Bloom on one side and the Adel Players [her other great enthusiasm] on the other. She had also put an interesting photo album together of her life for us to look at.


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